Kansas City's Fashion Week - Dolyn Bags on Mayor's Night

Kansas City Fashion Week sets a new trend every season, each year the show gets better and better. This year I attended the opening night (Mayor’s night) of fashion week. The collection were amazing from the well-dressed eye candy from Paolini Garment Company to exciting sock game from Young Hearted Socks. Each collection brought uniquely styled fashions which peeked my interest with each collection…

(skipping forward)

…Dolyn Bags creator (Ami Beck) was new to Kansas City Fashion Week. But you would not believe she is a new comer with her seasoned designs. Her bags are made of butter soft leather that looked amazing on the run-way, so amazing that I initially believed you could buy these bags in a store. If you are looking for a one of a kind bag that is sure to turn heads and have women ask, “Excuse me, Where’d you get that bag?” then Dolyn Bags is your friend.

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